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Regarding the handling of personal information received by Watanabe Electric Industry Co. Ltd.

Collection of Personal Information

In order to provide better service to customers, we define the purpose of use, and collect personal information limited to the scope required for business. We will not coerce disclosure or acquire personal information using unjust or illegal means.

Purpose of using Personal Information

  • - For confirming transactions and order information and delivery of products
  • - For responding to inquiries and consultations
  • - For confirming sending information about the services you have applied for
  • - For sending catalog, flier and various materials
  • - For sending information on questionnaires, gifts, products and service
  • - For confirming applications of e-mail distribution service and sending confirmations
  • - For sending information on exhibitions, seminars, events and etc.
  • - For conducting marketing analysis and others
  • - For reporting the results to those who cooperated in surveys and various events
  • - For asking about the demands and opinions of customers regarding products and service
  • - For other occasions where it is necessary to contact the customer for some reason

When customers provide personal information, we may send information considered to be interesting to customers by e-mail or other method.
If customers do not desire to receive this information, we will stop the distribution of information upon your request.

Control of personal informations

We will take necessary and proper measures for the prevention of personal information leakage, loss, or damage, unauthorized access and for other control of security of the personal data, and we will strive to construct management system.

We restricts the personnel who can access our database and other locations that contain personal information in order to ensure strict management and to prevent unauthorized use of personal information even inside our company.

Management of Consignees

When a business which handles personal information is to be consigned to another company, we will conclude an appropriate agreement with the consignee, and conduct guidance and management so that the consignee complies with the use, provision and safe management, according to the consent of the customer when collecting personal information.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Provision of personal information to third parties shall not be performed in general, except in the following cases.

  • - When the customers has agreed to such a provision
  • - When providing information in a situation where the specific person can not be identified, such as statistical information and etc.
  • - When consigning the provision of information, communication and etc. to other parties within the necessary scope, in order to provide better products and service to customers. (In this case, we will impose obligations to prevent disclosure of personal information, prohibit use of personal information for other purposes and etc. on the consignee.)
  • - When based on Laws and Ordinances

Disclosure and revision of personal informations

if customer requested disclosure of their personal informations, we will disclose personal information without delay, unless it would substantially interfere with the execution of business, or it might interfere one's life, body, property or other profits.
We take prompt actions within a reasonable range in the case customer requests correction, changes of their own personal information.

Establishment of company rules

We will make efforts to properly protect the Personal Informations based on this privacy policy through the establishment of company rules with regard to the protection of the personal informations, and shows clear policy with regard to the handling of the personal informations to our executives and employees.

Revisions and Improvements

We shall comply with the laws, ordinances and regulations which are applied to the personal information in our possession. We shall perform management and necessary corrections so that the personal information is used properly, and will continue to revise and improve the measures for protection of personal information. Please contact the following for any inquiries concerning the handling of personal information.

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