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Establishement of Quality Assurance Measures

Watanabe Electric Industry acquired the ISO9001:2008 Certification, for the purpose of "achieving further customer satisfaction" and improving the quality of the company. Since the company was founded in 1940, we have continued to promote development, manufacturing and sales of measurement and control instruments, and have received consistent evaluations from society. However, only the enthusiasm and actions of each employee is not enough to achieve "continued manufacturing of products which will provide maximum customer satisfaction, and continue to create a company which uses customer satisfaction as the roots of our growth" which is our corporate philosophy.

We established a Quality Management System as required by ISO, created documentation and constructed a "Target Achievement System" for our company, in order to implement and maintain a Quality Management System, and by utilizing this system, we can certainly achieve the corporate philosophy of our company. Particularly, in regards to "quality", "delivery" and "costs" which are the most important items for a manufacturer, we created a system of standards, manuals and procedures suitable to the actual conditions of our business, which can be used as an "effective tool in the standardization of operations".

The created systems will be practiced in the business operations as a management tool, to continuously revise and improve the compatibility and effectiveness even further. We will improve the quality of Watanabe Electric Industry Co. Ltd., so that more customers will continue to do business with our company.

Quality Policy - Achieving Objective Quality -

The target of our company is to realize the corporate philosophy and management policy, and by achieving the objective quality which will lead to the utmost satisfaction of customers, the brand image "Watanabe Electric Industry Co. Ltd. is reliable" will be established.