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Product Concept

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"Digital panel meters" "Signal Converters"
"Energy monitoring systems"
Watanabe's valuable solutions for industrial world

Watanabe can offer a variety of products which can correspond to various customer applications with a leading lineup and experience in the industry. Our business spans mainly two areas: "Measurement and Control products solution" including Digital panel meters、Signal Converters and Analog meters. "Energy monitoring systems solution" for saving energy of building and factory. We can offer the best solution for customers by combining these solutions.

The leading company of measurement and control products

Measurement and Control products solution

Watanabe has over 75 years history specialized in developing measurement and control products. Our digital panel meters and signal converters can cover any sensors using in FA and BA, their accuracy、stability and quality have been highly appreciated.

Energy monitoring systems solution

Watanabe's energy monitoring systems can cover each customer's demand with their various lineup. Using internet or SD card, users can measure and monitor the energy consumption data at ease. From just one machine to overall factory, we can offer the best solution for saving energy.

Challenge for cutting-edge technology
Watanabe's own value

Watanabe's valuable solutions,

"Measuring" "Collecting" "Accumulating" "Visualizing"
"Analyzing" "Controlling"

can help customers to solve their problems by combining our various products. Specialized in measurement and control field, Watanabe has been highly evaluated not only product quality but also its total support.(purchase support、set up support、maintenance support、aftersales support)

High quality and various lineup
Perfect Solution to customer's problems

Watanabe has a wide variety of products.(Digital panel meters、Signal Converters、Power meters、Demand meters etc…) Combining hardware and software technology, our solution covers not only partial measurement but also total visualization and analyzation.At any field of measurement and control world、we can offer the best solutions for customers.

Made in Japan,self-developed,Quick delivery
Challenge for Advancing High-Quality products

Watanabe have two factories in Japan. One is Tokyo Chofu factory(low volume production of a wide variety of products), the other is Fukushima factory(mass production). Having two different characteristic factories, we are able to supply flexibly to customer's demand. Almost all our products are delivered within 1 week after receipt of order. Commonalizing product's parts and design, our quick delivery system is highly evaluated from our customers.

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