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Business Overview

Quickly correspond to the changing needs and
maximize customer satisfaction

Watanabe Electric Industry has continued our unique way of business to date, concentrating on the manufacturing of measurement and control instruments which are the mother tools of industry.

The business segments of our company covers three areas, the solutions business which focuses on power monitoring systems and building monitoring systems, the component business which focuses on signal converters, analog instruments and digital instruments, and automobile maintenance equipment. We have been and continue to make every effort to create unique products in each field. In January 2010, we acquired the Electronic Measuring Instruments Division of Asahi Keiki Co., Ltd., and established an organization which can provide a wide range of products.

Particularly, in the digital instrumentation area, we can offer a variety of products which can correspond to various customer applications, which was realized by the acquisition of the Electric Measuring Instruments Division of Asahi Keiki Co.,Ltd. with a leading lineup and experience in the industry.

We will continue to contribute to social development with unique products by our own measurement technology and communication technology which have acquired since our foundation.

Power Monitoring Systems for a solution of
21st century's critical issue "Global Warming"

Global Warming

Since the enforcement of Japanese strict environmental regulation and the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima Japan, Energy‐saving is becoming more crucial for sustainable growth of our society. Energy harvesting such as "Solar Power", "Wind Power"” will be an important power source all over the world. We will contribute to solve these problems with our own energy-monitoring technology at a low cost.

Remote I/O for FA (Factory Automation),
PA (Plant Automation) and BA (Building Automation) 

Remote I/O

Remote I/O is an indispensable instrument for FA (Factory Automation) and BA (Building Automation).
Collecting signals from different sensor s(power, temperature, pulse),Remote I/O play an important role in control systems harmonizing with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).Our own technologies (Analog electronics, Digital electronics, Ethernet,Modbus,LonWorks) are widely used in many fields.

※LonWorks is one of the distributed control system technogy which was developed by Echelon Corporation in USA. In Japan, it is used mainly in BA (Building Automation).The feature of LonWorks is its interoperability.LonWorks is one of the major protocol as an open-system technology.

Signal Conditioners for FA (Factory Automation),
PA (Plant Automation) since1974 over 40 years experience

Signal Conditioners

Since 1974, Watanabe Electric Industry has been developing and selling signal converters, and have been broadly adopted in the areas of factory automation, process automation and building automation. We offer two types of signal converters, an easy to maintain plug-in type and a terminal block type, and with our abundant lineup, we have the ability to quickly deliver products to customers. The noise resistance performance has greatly improved in our recently released products, with a long term guarantee of 5 years, and are designed taking into the consideration the various installation environments of customers.

Digital Indicators for machinery and control panels
High performance and Wide variety

Digital Indicators

While advanced digital technologies are required in order to realize more accurate automation, our digital instruments have achieved remarkable development in response to the needs of the times. We support a broad range of digital measurements for facilities and production from digital panel meters for common displays (voltage, current, temperature, revolutions, pressure, resistance, frequency and etc.) known as "Digi-pane" (registered trademark of Watanabe Electric Industry), to advanced control systems (determination functions, communication complex functions and etc.) and have achieved the leading lineup in the industry.

Analog Indicators for machinery and
control panels Japan's top bland

Analog Indicators

In 1954, out of all the companies which filed applications, there were only four companies including Watanabe Electric Industry, which cleared the examination to become the first JIS Certified Factories in Japan. We have been refining the quality of analog instruments for more than 60 years, and as a traditional technology, we have obtained high evaluations and reliability in all industrial areas. Particularly, we were the first company in Japan to obtain a trademark titled "Meter Relay", and sell panel meters with auto control functions. Thereafter, prior to any other company, we continue to lead this field by adopting the use of non-contact LED and fully customized ICs for electronic circuits.

Headlight Tester for safe operation of automobiles
High performance with digital technology

Headlight Tester

We have developed a headlight tester which is inspection equipment closely related to the safe operation of automobiles, and plays an active role in motor vehicle inspection and registration offices and private repair shops nationwide. This equipment fully utilizes the latest sensor technology and computer functions, to measure the luminance of the headlight and illumination angle automatically, and determines if the headlight passed or failed. This equipment also corresponds to the latest LED, HID and other types of head lamps, and has achieved the highest level of measurement accuracy in the industry with its unique technology. Our products have been exported to various foreign countries including the U.S., China and Saudi Arabia, and are contributing to the traffic safety and automobile industry in each country.