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Signal Converters

WSP-PH :High holder(Peak holder)

WSP-PH:High holder(Peak holder)

CEマーク 10物質RoHS

Converter which outputs the DC signal proportional to the difference between detected maximum value of the input signal


・Operates as isolator when hold terminal is OFF
・Easy maintenance by plug-in structure
・Wide zero & span adjustment ±10% full scale

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Input DC voltage/DC current
Output DC voltage/DC current
Power AC100~240V ±10%
DC24V ±10%
DC100~120V ±10%
Accuracy ±0.1%fs
Response time(0→90%) 100ms
Zero-Span adjustment ±10%fs
Dielectric strength AC2000V
Weight Approx.150g
Standards & Approvals EN61326-1
EN IEC 63000
Dimensions(HWD) 84×23×106.5mm
Operating temperature/humidity -5~+55℃
Lower limit 90%RH