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Digital Panel Meters

WPMZ-3 :Graphical Digital Panel Meter
(Strain gauge Measurement)

WPMZ-3:Graphical Digital Panel Meter<br />(Strain gauge Measurement)

CEマーク 改正RoHS

Strain gauge Measurement


・Strain gauge Measurement
・Waveform comparison,Multi hold function
・High speed sampling(1ch:4000times/s,2ch:2000times/s)
・Log saving of trend date(maximum 8 alarms)
・2.4 inch TFT full-color LCD
・'Value display', 'Bar graph disply' and 'Trend graph display' can be selected

Input Strain gage input
DC voltage/current input
Output Analog output
BCD output (Open collector NPN/PNP)
RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Comparator output(Open collector NPN/PNP,Relay output)
Power AC100~240V ±10%
DC12V ±10%
DC24~48V ±10%
Operating temperature/humidity -5~+50℃ 35~85%RH
Dielectric strength AC3000V
Display 2.4 inch TFT full-color LCD
Panel size 52(H)×96(W)mm
External Dimensions 52(H)×96(W)×145(D)mm
Weight Approx. 350g
Standards & Approvals EN61326-1
EN IEC 63000