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About Us

We established an Environmental Management System,
and are taking action to reduce the environmental impact.

Building an Environmental Management System

On March 19, 2007, we acquired ISO14001:2004 certification with the aim being a corporation which takes the environment into consideration at all times. We built an environmental management system, and use of this system was started in the company from November 1, 2005, and resulted in the acquisition of the certification.

In an environmental management system, in order to achieve "protection of the global environment by reduction of environmental impact" which is advocated in the basic environmental philosophy and environmental policy, we have continuously taken actions towards the reduction of environmental impact through our business activities and products.

Basic Environmental Philosophy

We recognize that preservation of the global environment is an important
issue common to mankind, and we will contribute to the realization of a society
which is able to maintain development while protecting nature.

Environmental Policy
1. Continuously aim for reduction of environmental impact, as a manufacturer of measurement and control instruments.
We will promote the saving of resources and recycling, striving for the prevention of environmental contamination in each phase of the life cycles of research of the products, development, production, sales, service and disposal.
2. Contribute to the protection of the global environment through technical creativity.
The intention of our company is to always develop state-of-the-art technology, and strive for the development and sales of environmentally harmonized products.
3. Comply with laws and ordinances, regulations and other restrictions concerning
the environment.
We believe that it is important to be recognized as a member of the community, follow the rules and strive for the realization of an environmentally sustainable society.
4. All employees understand the environmental policy, and recognize their
own responsibilities before taking any actions.
The employees of our company understand the environmental policy, and will strive for realization of the policy in their daily business activities.

Compliance to RoHS Directive

The "RoHS Directive" which was enacted in EU from July 2006, restricts the use of six toxic substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ether) To prevent an enviromental polution,we restrict the use of these toxic substances.Watanabe is making effort to use less hazardous substance than the standard regulated in RoHS Directive as one of the enviromental protection activities.

RoHS Directive(2011/65/EU)*recast

RoHS Directive(2002/95/EC) was recasted to(2011/65/EU) and new regulation have been into effect as of January 3,2013.Taking this chang, we are marking new trademark on our products as a certification of not using six toxic substances.